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Who We Are

DEMETO is a revolutionary new way to chemically recycle PET in a highly profitable and environmentally sustainable way. DEMETO will enable the chemical de-polymerization of PET at industrial scale thanks to its microwave-based process intensification.

DEMETO is a European Project and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The 13 partners that form the DEMETO consortium are from all over Europe and share the common vision that DEMETO will help to create a more sustainable world. 

Map Project Partners
3V Tech Logo

Combining process and engineering know-how with its manufacturing capabilities, 3V Tech is one of the most advanced providers of process solutions and process equipment in the market, being capable of supporting full R&D-to-industrialization project thanks to state-of-the-art pilot plants at it centres, optimally equipped for testing in the fields of batch filtration & drying, evaporation, crystallization, distillation and drying, highly-viscosity products and wet Oxidation.


ACTOR is a company specialized in the modelling, design and implementation of advanced controllers for the process industry to assure that they reach the upper limits of attainable performance. This is achieved thanks to the following specific competences: Technical specification for migration projects and follow-up on investments on new DCS - Distributed Control Systems; DCS architecture/ intelligent network design; Logical schemes building for process automation and control while calibrating technical specifications; DCS projects management (e.g. time, costs, teams) while meeting contractual requirements;; testing (e.g. FAT - Factory Acceptance Test); commissioning and start-up (e.g. SAT - Site Acceptance Test).

DTU Logo

Within the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering is specifically focused on the engineering of advanced chemical and biochemical processes, working closely with industry to obtain research results that are applicable to industry and society. In DEMETO, the so-called “Pilot Plant” research group will be specifically involved in the activities of the project, thanks to its extended experience focusing on unit operations, reaction engineering, process control, process and plant design, instrumentation, automation and industrial measuring technology, but also topics such as scale-up and scale-down and batch versus continuous processes.

EOG Logo

The European Outdoor Group is an association that exists to represent the common interests of the European outdoor industry. It was founded in 2003 by 19 of the world’s largest outdoor companies, who recognised the need for a cohesive, cross border approach to representation of the outdoor sector. In a world of increasing internationalism, legislation, environment, the media and trade are all now multinational by nature. The combined strength of its members, and a close cooperation with national outdoor associations, provides EOG with an extremely powerful force to represent the European outdoor industry in a constructive and positive manner.

EuPC is the leading EU-level trade association, based in Brussels, representing European plastics converting companies. EuPC totals about 46 national as well as European plastics converting industry associations and represents more than 50,000 companies, producing over 50 million tons of plastic products every year. The European plastics industry makes a significant contribution to the welfare in Europe by enabling innovation, creating quality of life to citizens and facilitating resource efficiency and climate protection. More than 1.6 million people are working in EU converting companies (mainly SMEs) to create a turnover in excess of € 260 billion per year.

EuPC Logo

The Fricke and Mallah GmbH, founded in 1995, is one of the leading German suppliers of microwave ovens for industry and research. In the field of microwave tunnels and chamber, FMMT’s machines installed basis is over 800 kW total power. The main applications for the ovens are found in the ceramic, casting, wood, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. To make the microwave application very effective the development and test of the ovens are accompanied by a close dialogue with the customer. The used microwave generators and antennas are from own production and designed for microwave powers up to 20 kW. They are also supplied to several oven manufacturers in Europe and USA. A further activity is the development of power electronics and microwave measurement equipment.

FM Logo
Gr3n Logo

GR3N company is composed by the inventors and owners of the de-polymerization technology (and of its patent) and they are the scientific core of DEMETO. Facing the industrialization path of their innovative project since very low TRL and towards market acceptance, the team of GR3N is composed by a varied set of competences: strong experience in the materials chemistry and design; chemical processing conception and design; industrial and business oriented focus to sustain the whole business modelling of the company.

Neogroup Logo

NEOGROUP is one of the biggest manufacturers of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) granules in Europe, located in Lithuania near the Klaipeda port. Over 308 thousand tons, which compose 12 per cent of the European production, are manufactured and sold during a year.

H&M Logo

H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB is a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company, known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. H&M and its associated brands operate in 62 countries with over 4,000 stores and, as of 2015, employ around 132,000 people. It is the second largest global clothing retailer, just behind Spain-based Inditex (parent company of Zara). Strongly committed to the life-cycle sustainability of its products (H&M’s stores have collected more than 34,000 tonnes of clothing for reuse and recycling since 2013), the company has been investigating for several year different potential approaches to a more effective recycling of polyester.

Green Logo

“Every day, when I’m in my office, I am more and more convinced that the brilliant imagination of DEMETO partners will drive us to generate the right solutions. I am convinced that the benefits generated on the human society will be only a consequence of this journey!”


Next Chem is Maire Tecnimont’s subsidiary operating in the field of green chemistry and technologies for the energy transition. Maire Tecnimont SpA, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, is a head company of an industrial group leader in natural resources processing industry. Maire Tecnimont Group is present in approximately 45 countries, has about 50 operating companies and employs about 5,800 people, plus 3,000 professionals in instrumentation business unit.

Maire Tecnimont Group kicked-off its Green Acceleration project through the launch of NextChem, its new company dedicated to supporting the energy transition. NextChem is managing a portfolio of several technological initiatives along three macro areas, which represent the main emerging trends for the immediate future: “Greening the Brown” – innovations to mitigate the environmental effects of the technologies used for the transformation of oil and natural gas, limiting or eliminating CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions released from existing plants; “Circular Economy” – innovations for the upcycling of plastic waste and waste-to-chemicals technologies to produce renewable gas, hydrogen or any traditional chemical from the gasification of waste; “Green-Green” - innovations to produce intermediates, fuels and plastics from renewable sources.


PETCIA is a PET mechanical recycler, a SME that produces RPET flakes recycled from post-consumers PET bottle waste collected from Spanish municipalities. In being an important stakeholder of the local post-consumer recovery network and also because of its being part of a European group of other equivalent companies in other Countries, PETCIA is the perfect candidate representing the most interesting customer segments for DEMETO's de-polymerization technology.

Supsi Logo

Thanks to sophisticated development methodologies based on simulation and on the commercial availability of electronic components operating at higher frequencies and with a higher degree of integration, the laboratory for Telecom Telemetry and High Frequency of SUPSI-DTI, in line with the current market needs and through a careful outlook towards future developments, offers applied research in favour of small and medium enterprises(SMEs) in the fields of wired and wireless telecom, security and in the design of high frequency sensors and electronic systems.

RECUPRENDA follows the vision of a Circular Textile & Footwear Industry in Europe. The organisation is focused on the innovative recovery of textile and footwear waste as well as the connection of value chains in circular business models. This expresses RECUPRENDA's mission of “Via verde para tu ropa”, which translated means: “The green path for you clothing”.

Synesis Logo

As a no-profit technology transfer small company expert in supporting both start-up and SMEs in bringing innovative solutions to the market, Synesis brings to DEMETO the following competences: Conception and design of advanced mechatronic systems and machines; Development of optimal control techniques for manufacturing and process systems; Modelling and design of simulation for hybrid (discrete continuous) processes; Analysis and design of life-cycle sustainability methodologies and tools for manufacturing and process industry, both product and process driven; Design of innovative business models for the technological products it develops or helps developing.

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