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Demeto Roadmap

DEMETO's Core Reactor

DEMETO proposes a highly innovative approach to the Process Intensification of the chemical recycling reaction (de-polymerization) of PET plastic waste. The adoption of microwave radiations as energetic catalyser allows DEMETO to reduce reaction time and the complexity of the purification steps of PTA, while increasing productivity through a continuous process (instead of the batch ones typical of the industrial state-of-the-art).

Demeto Reactor
Demeto Project Overview

DEMETO's Core Concept

Already patented at international level and validated at different TRLs, the major strength of DEMETO’s core concept is the adoption of a full process approach that, embedding at its heart the process intensifying MW-based reaction, then proposes a completely self-contained post-processing unit whose outputs, apart from the virgin-grade EG and PTA raw materials, will generate directly feedstock for the overall de-polymerization process.

DEMETO's Approach

In order to guarantee the objectives'  achievement and to efficiently and effectively manage it, a coherent 36-month work plan has been devised. The DEMETO project is organised through 9 work-packages (WPs): WP1 is dedicated to project management and WP9 to exploitation and dissemination, while the WPs from 2 to 8 implement the project's technological advancements, with WP7 dedicated to the realisation of the pilot plant and WP8 specifically devoted to the demonstration of the project approach effectiveness.

Demeto Workpackages