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DEMETO: Industry 4.0 at the service of sustainability

The de-polymerization of PET plastics by microwave technology developed in DEMETO is a disruptive innovation, which can reshape the dynamics of a whole market. By bringing full recyclability and, thus, circularity to a raw material that is fundamental for many products, the project will have a profound impact on the society. Still, the unleashing this potential is not just a matter of completing the industrialization of the de-polymerization process, because future DEMETO plants have to become also the informatic cornerstone of a new digital marketplace for Green PET. This is where Synesis, expert in automation technologies for Industry 4.0 and leader of the European initiative Daedalus will bring its contributions to the project.

Being responsible for the engineering of the Reactive Unit at the core of the recycling process, we are in the privileged position to implement all the most relevant innovative technologies that are leading the new industrial revolution. Composed by modular production units, independently manageable and capable to adapt productivity to the specific needs of the company, a DEMETO plant will be deeply interconnected within the supply chain of PET. This will allow to further optimize the footprint of the process, while guaranteeing higher margins.

When the pilot plant of DEMETO will be presented to the public in 2020, it will be a live demonstration of how Industry 4.0 enabling technologies couples with a disruptive process can pave the way for a large-scale economic, environmental and social impact.

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