Circular PET main topic at ICIS conference

From 13 - 14 March 2018 experts from the PET industry gathered in Amsterdam for the "PET Value Chain: Transitioning from Linear to Circular" conference hosted by ICIS. From the first day of the event it became clear that PET recycling and "circular PET" is taking more and more room in the PET value chain.

Naturally, such an event cannot take place without the participation of a Demeto representative. Maurizio Crippa (in the middle of the picture) from gr3n had the honor to participate in a panel discussion about chemical recycling. During the debate mechanical recycling limits, related to the quality of the feedstock and of the recycled PET produced, were highlighted. Chemical recycling, for example via Demeto's microwave technology, is more and more needed to overcome these limits and lead the industry to circularity.

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