Demeto: 13 Organisations from eight European countries are paving the way for chemical recycling of

13 Organisations from Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK are part of the H2020 project Demeto - running from September 2017 until August 2020. The European Commission calls the project already now a success story and a "breakthrough paving the way for better plastics recycling".

Europe is on its way to become a circular economy. Currently, however, plastics and PET recycling focuses on mechanical recovery of waste, which means that difficult to recycle PET waste (such as clothes or opaque PET packaging) is only recycled to a limited extent. Demeto's chemical recycling solution uses microwaves to offer producers and recyclers a profitable way to recycle these difficult to treat materials to close the loop and ultimately benefit the planet.

For further information visit the website of the European Commission: "Success Story Demeto".

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The research project DEMETO receives funding from the European Union‘s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 (2014-2020) under grant agreement no. 768573.


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