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PETplanet Insider reports about DEMETO

In its June 2018 edition, PETplanet Insider, the world's leading magazine for the PET bottling and bottle-making industry, has reported about DEMETO.

DEMETO is featured in an article about chemical recycling possibilities for PET, titled Circular Economy of PET waste by loop recycling. Dream Fiction or Reality: "Swiss company Gr3n has published a European project under the name Demeto which focuses on the chemical recycling of coloured PET bottles." DEMETO, of course, does not only concentrate on coloured PET bottles, but on all difficult-to-recycle PET waste.

The article continues to describe the key features of DEMETO's recycling process and to analyse the current state of chemical PET recycling processes in general.

Being featured in the article means great publicity for the project, as the PETplanet Insider has more than 11,000 readers in over 140 countries.

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