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For everyone, it’s a perfect example of the circular economy, where we recover and regenerate produc

Maria Luisa Polli, Technical Director of Coca-Cola Central & Eastern Europe, talks about the potential of DEMETO and why the Coca-Cola Company has joined this European project.

In an interview, published at the end of June 2018, Maria Luisa Polli explains why chemical recycling, and especially DEMETO play a crucial role in closing the loop for the of the Plastics Circular Economy.

"One of the most remarkable things about gr3n’s technology is that it can be applied to many different forms of plastic, like carpets and textiles, allowing the up-cycling of various forms of PET that currently can’t be recycled."

The Coca-Cola Company joined the Industry Advisory board of DEMETO earlier this year, and will be providing invaluable feedback to the development of this European Project.

"As a long-term advocate and enabler of PET recycling, we [the Coca-Cola Company] have a huge amount of knowledge to share and many expert partners in our supply chain who can help. We want to be at the forefront of breakthrough technologies like this, as they can help us achieve our World Without Waste vision."

To read the complete interview and get to know more about the Coca-Cola Companies' involvement in DEMETO, please visit

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