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Recuprenda - making the textile & footwear industry circular

Recuprenda´s mission is to assist in the creation of circularity in the textile & footwear Industry in Europe by acting as a most competent and reliable link between brands, retailers and recyclers. It is estimated that 5.8 million tonnes of textile are discard every year, with 75% having as a destination landfill or incineration. However, the majority of the textile waste could be recovered to recycle or reuse it.

Projects and partnerships

In 2016 Recuprenda implemented the innovative textile waste recovery model “Caja Verde” in Valencia (Spain). This circular project is based on the direct agreement between the residential community and/or buildings and Recuprenda as recyclers. Recuprenda is also servicing H&M in the collection of used textiles via their take back scheme and partnering with the leading recycling innovators and innovation projects, which allowed to establish the know-how and the network for a future circular textile and footwear industry.

With the “Revive & Recycling” project Recuprenda provides brands and consumers a possibility to accomplish a circular economy put into practice and to salvage valuable resources from going to incineration or landfill. The project is based on a joint collaboration with partners AIR from France and InCycle from the UK with the support of ECO TLC in France.

Recuprenda and Demeto

Demeto´s technology makes it possible to save polyester resources and turn used textiles into valuable material for the industry. As part of the project Recuprenda will work on sorting and preparing polyester clothes for the recycling process of Demeto. Together with the other specialists of the project Recuprenda will therefore test the recycling process of post-consumer polyester into secondary raw material.

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