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DEMETO presentation at TextileExchange Sustainability Conference in Milan

Three companies from the DEMETO consortium and Industrial Advisory Board were present at the TextileExchange Sustainability Conference in Milan on the 22nd-24th October 2018 to talk about the solutions that the chemical recycling process of DEMETO can offer to the textile industry.

Under the title "The T-shirt that Becomes a Plastic Bottle: Circular Business Model Insights", Maurizio Crippa of gr3n, Frederic Dreux of Unilever and Mattias Bodin of H&M spoke together about the promising new industrial process to chemically recycle PET bottles, food containers and even textiles, that offers new possibilities of closing the loop in the plastics value chain.

The panelists discussed the challenges and opportunities of working across sectors to address the global issues of recycling, collection, contamination and rPET.

Over the TextileExchange Sustainability Conference: The 2018 Textile Sustainability Conference brought together a powerful community of brands, retailers and companies, large and small, from across the textile world—all seeking to create a more sustainable and responsible fiber and materials industry. The 2018 conference took place at the Milano Congressi, one of Europe’s largest convention centers, in the heart of Milan, Italy. #TextileExchange18 had the largest conference turnout to date-with over 800 attendees and 145 speakers from 43 countries!

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