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NEO GROUP is a team of very curious and innovative people, so no wonder they became a member of the DEMETO consortium. Their people strive for innovation and meaningful work, so they consider their participation in this project a possibility to turn ideas and wishes into reality.

“At DEMETO, we have the possibility to work together with different companies to make PET resin chemical recycling technology sustainable – in simple words, we are investigating possible ways to convert PET final products (such as plastic packaging and/or textile) to the starting substances (monomers). And not only this; we need to ensure that this process is also economically efficient. We feel like we are inventing something really important: new resin that can be produced from recycled monomers, making the PET economy circular.”

The new recycling technology will be one of the European Plastic Strategy implementation tools for virgin PET resin producers. The long term goal of DEMETO, PET resin chemical conversion, will complement existing mechanical recycling methods. This will help bring to life the EU Plastic Strategy goals (for instance, 25% recycled PET in beverage bottles in 2025 and 30% in 2030). NEO GROUP considers this process the right direction, as everyone in the company is concerned about the environment we live in – as employees, as members of local societies and as a human beings. After the DEMETO target is implemented, NEO GROUP, as virgin PET producer, will have the possibility to replace fossil based raw materials with recycled ones and start supplying the PET processing chain with recycled material with identical quality parameters consistency as virgin material.

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