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Sustainable Textile and Fashion Value Chains - European Outdoor Group

In early 2019, members of the DEMETO project submitted a contribution to the Springer Publication ‘Achieving a new circular textiles economy thanks to breakthrough technology innovation’. The chapter entitled ‘Sustainable End-of-Life Concepts and Strategies in the Textile and Fashion Industry’ contained inputs from the DEMETO partners.

The chapter aims to offer readers a view on the current situation of post-consumers garments collection and recycling by illustrating state of the art practice on post-consumers garments collection, current destinations of post-consumers textile after collection and processing and current recycling (downcycling) technologies for textile waste.

A comprehensive review of market data was also offered. An analysis of global material flow for the Textile and Fashion Industry along with the utilisation volumes of different types of fibres, both synthetic (polyester and polyamide) and natural (cotton and wool) were reviewed, along with trends of material usage in the next future.

Future innovations to close the loop for Textile and Fashion Industry were discussed. New targets of post-consumers textile waste collection in Europe and the latest approaches to improve recyclability, starting from eco-design to innovative collection schemes were evaluated. This included innovation in recycling technologies by different types of fibres to detach from the take-make-dispose linear approach.

Finally, the perspective from brand owners and associations was considered. How brand owners are approaching the transformation of the Textile and Fashion industry and how brands and associations’ efforts to move towards sustainable circular concepts in the industry are being achieved.

It is hoped that by contributing to this academic publication, the work of the DEMETO project can help inform the wider research community’s understanding of this topic. The final contribution is still under review and the date of publication is still to be confirmed, however we will be sure to announce any further news on this subject in due course.

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