Synergies in Plastics Circularity Projects

On 3 June, DEMETO welcomed twelve other ongoing European Projects on Plastics Circularity to explore possible synergies in a meeting held at the EuPC offices in Brussels.

During the workshop, the participants were invited to make a brief presentation of their projects, before focusing on the common regulatory and scale-up challenges. Keti Medarova-Bergstrom, Project adviser H2020 Eco-innovation - EASME, was also present at the meeting and provided valuable input for future collaboration and synergies.

Several good ideas came out of an intensive brainstorming session, making the meeting a success. The Demeto team would like to thank all the participants for their contribution and will now work on a follow-up plan to foster synergistic effects. A new workshop could be held by the end of the year.

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