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The role of solid-state microwave generators in DEMETO

Microwave generators are used in a lot of different applications ranging from simple heating processes to high-performance depolymerisation systems. As long ago as 1920, the Siemens corporation invented the magnetron and since then they found their manifold cases of application. But there’s a potentially major trend in the contemporary microwave-heating technology, namely the insertion of solid-state microwave sources.

Such a transition from vacuum tubes (e. g. a magnetron) to solid-state electronics already occurred decades ago in areas of communication, computers and control. And now also in the microwave heating field such a transition is observable.

Solid-state microwave generators are offering different advantages over magnetrons such as frequency and phase variability and control, low input-voltage, compactness and rigidity. But there are still some challenges, which must be considered. Mainly those generators are more expensive and their efficiency (at least for heating applications) is yet lower than that of magnetrons.

The transition from magnetrons to solid-state is also characterised by the different engineering methodologies and skills required. While working with magnetrons often includes intuition and gut feelings (which you get through years of experience), working with solid-state generators initially requires computer modelling for the design of the dynamic microwave-heating mechanism and its control. In a nutshell, you can’t directly compare magnetrons and solid-state microwave generators. Each industrial heating application is different and needs a specialized solution either including magnetrons or solid-state solutions.

Fricke und Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH, located in Peine, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of both magnetrons and solid-state based microwave generators with many years of experience.

“Together with the customer, we always find the best possible solution including either of those technologies. As a future-oriented company we are feeling honoured to work on the DEMETO project to hopefully eliminate the plastics waste on earth someday.”

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