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DEMETO Industrial Advisory Board gathered in Brussels

On 24 October 2019 the members of the DEMETO Industrial Advisory Board gathered for a meeting in Brussels to hear about the recent developments of the DEMETO pilot plant and purification process as well as to discuss LCA issues and market implications of chemical recycling of PET.

With more than 25 participants the meeting was a full success. The continued interest of the IAB members clearly shows that chemical recycling of PET is an important topic for the involved organisations and that the DEMETO project partners can continue their efforts towards a fully circular economy for PET packaging and polyester textiles with the support of the industry.

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) of DEMETO is a committee of stakeholders external to the project that will interact with the partners of the Consortium to follow its public developments and, most of all, provide feedback and comments to steer the direction of its business development activities.

The IAB consists of companies involved in the complete PET/polyester value chain at different level, including: top brands of home textile, sportswear textile, fashion textile, home and personal care and drinks, as well as plastic converters, waste collectors and recyclers.

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